SSP Guide

Employees can easily log in to LiteBlue Login using the USPS login portal. You will be able to access all the services on your account dashboard after registering and activating your account at LiteBlue.USPS.Gov.


For the LiteBlue USPS portal to remain transparent, USPS has made it mandatory for their employees to register online. In no way does the company compromise its commitment to transparency and integrity.

LiteBlue Self Service Profile Guide

  1. Click on to access the official website.
  2. Log in to SSP by clicking the Log in button. You will now be taken to the SSP login page.
  3. You must enter your employee ID and password to access SSP. (If you cannot remember your SSP Password, click on the Forgot Password? link and then go to Step 4).
  4. A page for EIN Verification will pop up if you click the Forgot Password? link on the SSP Login page.
  5. Please enter your EIN and click Verify Employee ID. After clicking on Confirm, you will be directed to the Security Questions page.
  6. A list of your selected security questions appears. Answer the following questions. Submit your answers by clicking the Submit button. You will see a screen where you can reset your password if you answered correctly.
  7. Ensure your name is displayed on the screen. Your New Password must be entered and confirmed. You will then be able to update your password.
  8. You can access the SSP or the HR Self Service Web application like LiteBlue, PostalEase, etc. Your password has been successfully updated now. You can now log in to SSP.
  9. Your self-service profile must be configured the first time you log in to the SSP. To do so, go to the Setting Up Passwords section of Self Service Profile.
  10. You need to enter a new password and confirm it. Passwords should follow the rules for strong passwords. Continue by clicking the Next button. You then need to configure a self-service security profile.
  11. Enter your answers to the questions by selecting them in the dropdown menus. Once you are done, click the Next button.
  12. Confirm your email address by entering your email address.
  13. If you want to skip entering an email, put a check in the “Skip Email and update later” box.
  14. Click the Submit button if everything on the Confirmation page is correct.