LiteBlue USPS Login portal gives its users an incredible range of services. As soon as you enroll in this portal, you will gain access to all of its benefits. PostalEASE is one such service. 


Paying USPS employees is made easier with PostalEASE, a payment platform that enhances security. The LiteBlue Postal Ease application allows USPS employees to access services that are allocated liquidated. Furthermore, PostalEASE allows employees to make direct deposits and easily access their payments.

LiteBlue PostalEASE Services

With the LiteBlue PostalEASE online system and telephone service, employees can create, make changes, delete the allotment confidently, or set direct deposit changes simply by going to the official USPS Login website.

  • Suppose you plan to create an allotment. Enabling a portion of earnings to be transferred to a financial institution or to the bank.
  • During the Open season, you can change your current allotment.
  • In the event of an ongoing allocation transaction, cancel or delete it.
  • Provide updated information about the dependent.

A link to the FEHB tab is also available on the PostalEASE website, which employees can access. Those who are covered by the federal employees’ health plans have access to quick and easy access to health care.

For employees who wish to use the online system to manage their enrollment, please follow the below instructions carefully to log in to the PostalEASE Employee HR App.

  • When the website loads, employees will find the login page for the online system. 
  • To continue, enter the employee ID (Identification number) and the USPS Self-service Password (USPS Self-service Password) and click on “Submit.”
  • You will find various options for enrolling on the dashboard after successfully logging in.

PostalEASE makes thrift savings plan transactions more accessible and faster for employees. Federal employees are the only ones eligible for a thrift plan. It provides employees with the ability to invest their money in various investments without fear of losing it.