LiteBlue Login is a web portal created by the United States Postal Service. USPS employees can use the official postal website to access monthly earnings statements (epayroll), FEHB benefits, license applications online, communicate faster with colleagues using HR, and most of all, access their TSP accounts.


It is an online complaint management system for the United States Postal Service. The USPS official web portal was launched years ago. Managing a large number of employees within the postal department became increasingly challenging as the department’s size grew. In an effort to enhance employee communication and provide quick access to information, USPS established the website

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The USPS employees can access the official website by logging in to When you use LiteBlue, you can communicate faster and stay connected. You’ll find information about career development, sales and services, products, brand awareness, and much more. Through this portal, you can also access PostalEASE to verify and, during open season, change your benefit selection. In addition to cloud-based applications, the said portal is continuing to improve its web application to serve employers’ needs better.

Login Process To Access The Portal

You can find helpful information about your employment status and career options at, which is accessible to members of the US Postal Service. In addition, it provides user credentials and setup instructions, so users can log in at any time to access department and job details.

It is important to note that only authorized USPS personnel can perform this action. Unauthorized people may face strict legal action if they attempt to breach the system. Follow these steps to log into the USPS LiteBlue employee portal:


  • To log in, you will need your USPS LiteBlue employee ID or EIN and SSP password.
  • By visiting the website, you can access the login page.
  • Enter your user ID. You will need your eight-digit employee ID number or USPS EIN. The self-service profile application must be used for the first-time portal user to set their password.
  • You will then be able to sign in. All of your USPS employee information will be accessible to you.

What Are The Login Requirements?

USPS personal members should not register on the USPS portal. The U.S. Postal Service Self-Service Lite Blue ID and password are the only requirements. You can easily log in to the Lite Blue login portal if you have this information.

There are unique usernames and passwords assigned to USPS employees. It is impossible to have more than one employee with the same employee ID, but everyone can use the same password.

The portal registration process remains unchanged by these instances. Verifying or updating your personal data in USPS requires you to log into the Lite Blue Employee Portal.

How To Reset Forgotten Password On The Portal?

The first time employees set passwords; they could do so on the USPS Secure Service Portal website. For those who forget their password, they can reset it using the self-service password.

  • Go to to see the SSP’s website
  • To proceed to the login screen, click the “Enter SSP” button.
  • Click on the “Forgot Password” link beneath the login box.
  • The employee verification process will now begin.
  • Your 8-digit Employee ID (a unique number) is required.
  • Continue the process by clicking “Verify Employee ID..”
  • Provide accurate answers to security questions.
  • Once the employee’s details are verified, they can change their current password.


Employees who need help resetting their password can call the HR self-service centre helpline number for additional assistance.

SSP Password Setup for New Employees

Employees can manage their service passwords, PINs, email addresses, and security questions through the self-service profile portal. All postal employees have access to the portal and can log on using their Employee IDs and passwords.

SSP temporary passwords are mailed to new employees. If you receive an email with such details, we suggest you follow the steps below to set up the password at for the first time.

  • Visit the USPS Self-service profile site at SSP.USPS.Gov.
  • Follow the instructions by clicking on the “ENTER SSP button.”
  • A new screen will appear where you can log in as an employee.
  • Please enter your Employee ID and the temporary password.
  • From the top area of the income statement, you can find the employee ID (an 8-digit unique identification number).
  • After they log in for the very first time, you will have to change your password.
  • Please enter your new password and confirm it by entering it again.
  • To update the SSP password, click the Save button.

You will be able to use this temporary password ONLY for self-service profiles. To access other HR online web applications, employees needed to change their password using the temporary password.

Official NameLiteBlue
Launched ByUSPS
CountryUnited States
UsersUSPS Employees

USPS Portal Benefits For Employees

Here are some advantages of the LiteBlue USPS portal that every postal worker ought to be aware of.

  • Employees of the United States Postal Service can use USPS LiteBlue for managing work, recognition, products, and earnings-related details.
  • Set up automatic shipping and mailing schedules.
  • Employees have secure, flexible access to the employee portal to be used and registered later on.
  • There are other portals available as well, such as USPS EPayroll, USPS Track, Business Customer Gateway, and the official USPS website.


  • Maintain a record of the service performance and the income obtained.
  • The dashboard allows you to view or change your benefit selections and payroll deductions.
  • With the eReassign program, the career bargaining unit can request a voluntary reassignment.
  • Through the eIDEAS platform, employees can submit ideas to improve USPS products and services.
  • Training articles and a guide to professional development programs.
  • Keep in touch with your teammates and colleagues.

Salient Features Of The Login Portal

The USPS Login Portal has some quirky features that are available to all USPS employees. Take a look at these features and find out why you should join.

  • Verify work hours: Logging into an employee’s login account will allow them to verify work hours. You can plan your schedule based on their appearance on the computer and checking their work schedule. Thus, this portal can assist you in finding out your daily tasks more efficiently.
  • Check salary structure: By registering on this website and logging in, you can easily see your salary structure. Additionally, you can download and print information such as salary stubs, transaction histories, etc.
  • Comprehensive Platform: USPS employees can verify all vital information in the official login portal, which is a comprehensive platform. Employees need not visit the human resources department every time they need information because the login portal provides that information.
  • Secure access: What else could we ask for when so many essential services are easily accessible to us and they are very secure and transparent? The LiteBlue USPS portal provides similar functionality. This login portal incorporates high data encryption to ensure that your confidential information is completely safe.

How to View USPS ePayroll Details

At the LiteBlue epayroll website, employees can view and download past payroll history for the last 18 months from the USPS ePayroll system. For information about USPS ePayroll, please follow these instructions:

  • Visit USPS’s ePayroll website
  • Enter your employee ID and password.
  • To access your USPS ePayroll account, select the “Login” button.
  • The employee’s current monthly payment can be seen through the “My Payment” menu.
  • View and print individual payroll details by clicking “View / Print.”

About USPS

The United States Postal Service ranks as the nation’s largest logistics company. Its main purpose is to provide postal services throughout the United States. In 1972, the Franklin operation became part of the United States Postal Service. His role in the American civilian workforce is highly regarded today. There are 30,825 post offices in the United States.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the most popular and trusted parcel delivery services in the world. You most likely have a USPS store near you if you are a resident of the United States. With USPS, you can track packages, ship packages, and much more at very reasonable prices.


In addition to caring for its employees, the USPS also deserves a lot of praise. Their employees have access to all of these services through the LiteBlue login portal, which is why it has been introduced to them. It is important to note that you can only access the online version of the portal through the online login portal. This portal does not have an offline mode available to employees.

It is also important for employees to read the rules and regulations of this portal before they use it. The purpose of this is to ensure that no employee suffers any inconvenience when registering for access to the login portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is USPS?

The United States Postal Service is known as USPS. There is no better mail delivery platform in the world than USPS. There is a USPS branch in every corner of the United States, so it facilitates communication and the transfer of goods to millions of people. Additionally, the United States Postal Service is known for its reliable service at an affordable price.

Is it possible to contact LiteBlue USPS Human Resources?

Those who wish to contact USPS Human Resources can do so by calling 877-477-3273. There is a 24-hour call center operating seven days a week. Additionally, you can contact HR by visiting

What does SSP mean?

The acronym SSP stands for Self-Service Profile. Through this platform, USPS employees can access other platforms, such as eOPF, PostalEASE, eReassign, and eIdeas.

How safe is the LiteBlue SSP?

In addition to being protected by HTTPS, LiteBlue SSP features a server-to-client communication process that maintains confidentiality.

What is the significance of my SSP PIN?

You can use interactive voice response with phone lines that use IVR. Nevertheless, you must enter your EIN in order to access the web portal. To access the JOBbidding, PostalEASE, and HRSSC IVRs, you need to have your EIN and PIN.

Where can I find my USPS employee ID?

You can get it from your USPS pay stub or the blue page of your USPS account. After logging into eAccess, click My Profile, and you will see the EIN.

Customer Support Contact Details

The contact details of the USPS portal’s customer service department are published below. Click on them to go to their website.

  • 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777) is the official Customer Care Helpline Number.
  • USPS TTY/ASCII phone number is 1-800-877-8339
  • Hours of operation for customer service are Monday through Friday (8 AM to 8.30 PM ET).
  • Work hours on Saturday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET

You can trust the portal customer service to resolve any problem you might be experiencing. With the USPS, your issues will be resolved within seconds by a highly trained customer service representative.

Closing Remarks

This online web application, LiteBlue, was created by the United States Postal Service to assist employees in connecting online and communicating rapidly with team members and colleagues. You can access career development materials, services, and income performance with the LiteBlue USPS Login.

After your registration, you’ll have access to all of this portal’s features from a single platform. There is no charge associated with the use of this portal. This user-friendly login portal and the high level of flexibility make it a cherry on top for employees. With all of these said, it is crystal clear that the said portal is an incredible tool for USPS employees.

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